International Women’s Day: What it means to me

A ground-breaking female figure in UNISON Cymru/Wales will today mark International Women’s Day by addressing campaigners for the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) in Parliament Square in London.

Jan Tomlinson (pictured above) is the first ever female convenor for UNISON Cymru/Wales and said women in UNISON should stand up and be loud and proud of the women they have become.

Jan said: “My proudest UNISON moment to date is becoming this year the first woman in UNISON Cymru/Wales to become the convenor.

“Let’s remind ourselves that our beloved union UNISON has over one million members of whom are women, all strong, all have their own unique stories about their journey in life.

“Being a strong woman is something I have brought my daughter up to be, independent and kind , she has done the same when bringing her daughter up .

“I know that we all strive to be who we want to be and what we want to see in workplaces and our communities is a fair, kinder society that recognises women and girls play an integral part in society.

“You, me we can be anything we want to be , that’s what being a woman in UNISON has taught me and encouraged me to be and do.”