International Women’s Day: Why women are a vital voice in UNISON

Today is International Women’s Day and female voices from across UNISON in Wales have shared their thoughts in the importance of women to the union.

Norma Davies (pictured above), Vice Chair of UNISON’s Welsh Social Workers Associate Care Roles sub group, said: “Belonging to a union has shown me the transformative power of women working together to achieve a shared goal.

“This International Women’s day in UNISON, our voices will speak as one.”

Katie Hall (pictured above), UNISON  branch secretary at Cardiff University, said: “Women are becoming more and more vital in our trade union movement.

“What used to be a very male dominated environment, meeting rooms full of men, is now much more diverse and I think that’s because a lot more women are getting involved.

“Our membership is largely women, those women, other people doing the support roles, they’re the people really working on the ground and on the front line and they’re doing that as well as juggling home life, caring responsibilities.

“Being in a trade union gives them that group support, that family support of a trade union that can help them when things are tough and they can help others as well because very often they would have gone through the issues that other people are going through.

“So, women are vital to our trade union movement.”

Iryna Rose (pictured above), women’s officer for UNISON’s Bridgend branch, said: “The role of women in UNISON is incredible.

“Around three quarters of UNISON members are women.

“The number of women members and their involvement level has had and is currently having a massive impact on the direction of UNISON and it’s achievements.”