Policy Unit

UNISON Cymru Wales works to influence Welsh government for the benefit of public services and those delivering public services.

Part of this work includes responding to Welsh government consultations on a range of issues affecting our members. Consultations can be viewed on the Welsh government website.

UNISON also responds to consultations run by other organisations, such as regulatory bodies, research groups, and Senedd committees.

So far this year, UNISON Cymru Wales has responded to the following consultations:

Changes to the Structure of the School Year (Welsh government), February 2024

A Fairer Council Tax (Phase 2), (Welsh government), February 2024

Commission for Tertiary Education & Research (Welsh government), September 2023

Rebalancing care and support programme (Welsh government), August 2023

Proposed changes to registration (Social Care Wales), July 2023

Workforce strategy for social care (Social Care Wales), June 2023

Welsh Language Education white paper (Welsh government), June 2023

Inquiry into local authority leisure and library services (Senedd Local Government and Housing Committee), March 2023

In 2022, UNISON Cymru Wales responded to the following:

Sexual harassment of female school staff (Senedd Children, Education and Young People Committee), November 2022

Mental health support in Higher Education (Senedd Children, Education and Young People Committee, October 2022)

A fairer council tax (Welsh government, September 2022)

The constitutional future of Wales (Independent Commission on the constitutional future of Wales/ Welsh government, August 2022)

 Inquiry into Lobbying (Senedd, June 2022)

Period dignity Strategic Action Plan (Welsh government, January 2022)


In 2021, UNISON Cymru Wales responded to the following:

Alleged misconduct of local authority senior officers (Feb 2021)

Local authority power to trade (June 2021)