Get involved

UNISON needs you. Get involved and be part of the movement that gave the world weekends, the national minimum wage, workplace pensions, the right not to be sacked for being pregnant or sick and many more legal rights. Oh, and ended child labour.

Get involved with your local branch

Your local UNISON branch is your first point of call for getting more involved in the union. From helping occasionally by sticking up posters, to getting fully trained up and supporting your colleagues with problems at work, UNISON branches always need more people to get involved.

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Get involved in a national campaign

When there are issues that affect UNISON members across the UK, we pull together to address them, and we have incredible results. Find out what national issues we’re currently working on.

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Challenging inequality

UNISON members have set up groups for people who have interests in common. These groups are called self-organised groups and cover women, Black members, disabled members and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members.

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Our Spring and Summer 2023 activist education programme is out now, courses are available both online and face-to-face across Wales and include:

  • New Organising Steward
  • Introduction to Employment Law, Contracts & Work-Life Balance
  • ERA Refresher
  • Introduction to Health & Safety

For more details download the full programme, contact your branch, and download the application form here.