UNISON Cymru/Wales celebrates 75 years of the NHS

Bevan Day

Hundreds of campaigners marched through Tredegar in South Wales to celebrate 75 years of the NHS.

The event, which took place on Sunday July 2, was organised by the Wales TUC to mark the milestone in the history of the health service as well as industrial action for fair pay and conditions.

UNISON Cymru/Wales regional secretary Dominic MacAskill spoke at the event and said: “Our National Health Service is made possible by the labour of workers – both domestic and international.

“The contribution of international workers has been essential to the NHS ever since the very first recruitment drive of Caribbean workers in 1949.

“To this day, the contribution of people who come to the UK to work in the NHS remains essential.

“The NHS is one team, and that team has achieved incredible things.”

The event also came ahead of a gathering due to take place at the Nye Bevan statue in Cardiff at 7pm tomorrow (4/7).

The family of the sculptor Robert Thomas will be present along with Welsh government health minister Eluned Morgan and other Senedd members.