Menopause and menstrual health standard could help billions of women around the world

Darron Dupre, UNISON Cymru/Wales Local Government lead

Women around the world experiencing menopause symptoms could soon be helped by ground-breaking work pioneered with UNISON. 

A standard to support all staff has been developed with support from the trade union which represents hundreds of thousands of public sector employees in Wales and throughout the UK. 

Experts believe it could be used as a blue print to support workers globally by 2024. 

UNISON Cymru/Wales regional organiser Darron Dupre (pictured above) spent almost a year helping write the British standard and will take part in an expert panel at a launch event in London later today. 

Menopause campaigner and television presenter Mariella Frostrup will also speak at the event in London today (Wednesday). 

Darron said: “The standard, created by experts from across the UK, can be used by trade unions and employers in every type of workplace and, like the National Minimum Wage, it can support workers in companies and organisations with no trade unions organising workers. 

“It is free to download so there is now absolutely no excuse for employers to not put menopause and the menstrual health of their workforce at the top of their agenda. And trade unions, who have a long and proud history of speaking up for employees at work, will be there every step of the way to support them. 

“We also hope by 2024 that this will become globally recognised as an international standard and could help billions of workers around the world.” 

Helen Burton

Women’s officer for the Cwm Taf Local Government branch Helen Burton (pictured above) said: “As the UK’s leading public service trade union for women, UNISON is determined to ensure working women have all the support they need to be healthy and safe at work and in life.   

“A significant number of our members are or have been and will be affected by the menopause.  We are an aging workforce, subsequently we will have more age-related health issues.  

 “The menopause is a natural part of life; however, the symptoms do not affect everyone the same.”