Solidarity message to striking UCU members

UNISON Cymru Wales has sent a solidarity message to UCU members striking at some Welsh universities this week.

Dan Beard from UNISON’s Higher Education Service Group Executive said,

“UNISON Cymru Wales members give a warm message of solidarity to UCU members striking in defence of your right to a decent pension.

“Yours is a critical dispute and a defined benefit pension is the benchmark of a good employer. Pensions are deferred earnings which you have worked hard to receive. The changes proposed by Universities UK are severe and could strip you of thousands of pounds in retirement. The proposals must be reversed. Attacking pension benefits will never be acceptable to the workforce.

“As we consult with our own members on the Universities UK proposals, we are proud to offer our support to our sister union. UNISON members have been encouraged to support UCU comrades on picket lines, protests and rallies. Good luck in your fight for pensions justice.”