Public let down by care system

The Welsh care system is in crisis and those receiving residential care are not getting the levels of support they need. That’s the message from the trade union representing care workers, who in turn suffer in-work poverty.

UNISON Cymru Wales will today (Wednesday), publish a best practice charter for residential care at the Senedd which places guaranteed rights for carers and those receiving care at its heart. The blueprint was drawn up with carers themselves.

The launch location has been chosen for maximum political impact and Ann Jones AM is sponsoring the event. The trade union will campaign for the charter to be adopted at all levels and for greater funding for the sector.

Andy Rutherford, UNISON Cymru Wales lead organiser for social care said,

“Carers are an invisible army. They provide vital care in our communities, yet their awful working conditions are ignored by society and many are paid a pittance. They suffer in-work poverty, are offered little training and they are fed up.

“Meanwhile, the situation for those receiving residential care is not much better. Over-stretched resources mean the client-to-carer ratio is far too high and health and safety is compromised.

“We have seen the extreme pressure on the NHS over the last year or more. The social care sector is expected to play its part in meeting this demand at a time of cuts, shrinking council budgets and the impacts of austerity. There is so much pressure put on workers to deliver a service with fewer resources. This is a crisis.

“Politicians at all levels need to appreciate if care workers are treated fairly and feel adequately supported, standards will improve and dignity in care will be assured for anyone who needs it.”


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