Workers thank UNISON for support at packed Anglesey Show

UNISON attends 2023 Anglesey Show

Public sector staff from across the UK took the opportunity to thank UNISON for its ongoing support during a busy Anglesey Show.

Reps from the union, which represents thousands of workers in Wales, manned a stall at the annual event and heard from visitors who dropped in to say how grateful they were for the work of their respective branches on their behalf.

The packed show also saw the union sign up a range of new members and a new rep.

UNSAIN Gwynedd, Môn a Prifysgol Bangor branch secretary Gwawr Eilian said: “We expected to meet local members as it’s a popular show.

“What we didn’t expect was to meet so many members from across the UK – many of whom were in the area on their holiday.

“Many just called in to say hello and to let us know how grateful they were for work their various branches had done for them.

“Our stall was incredibly busy most of the time.

“There’s nothing better than meeting members face to face and I certainly believed it raised the profile of the branch.”

Gwawr added: “The vast majority of members were from the North Wales Region, especially health.

“Some came in for a chat, some to let us know of their personal situation and ask advice. We signed up many new members across the board and at least one new rep.”