Public service workers in every sector are struggling

The cost-of-living crisis has placed people in some very difficult positions and public service workers – the people delivering vital services in our communities, and their families are hurting.

Last autumn, UNISON Cymru Wales surveyed members across all the sectors we represent to gain a detailed understanding of how people are being impacted. A staggering 6,000+ people took part, and the results are unsettling and illustrate that both Welsh government and UK government must offer greater support to public service workers.

Members were asked about the effect of the cost of living crisis on budgeting and their mental health, whether the UK government understands the depth of the crisis, if they are considering changing job and if they are likely to make a new claim for in-work benefits.

The full survey data, displayed in attractive charts and graphs can be accessed here.

We are able to filter respondents by sector and the five largest groups responding, were healthcare workers, school support staff, social care workers, council workers (excluding school and care staff) and police and justice staff. Click here for:

Healthcare worker survey data – 1,555 respondents

School support staff survey data – 1,444 respondents

Social care worker survey data – 1,148 respondents

Council worker (excluding school staff and care staff) – 795 respondents

Police and justice worker survey data – 281 respondents

UNISON Cymru Wales surveyed 6,068 members about the cost of living between 20 September and 3 October 2022.

Further info: Alastair Gittins
Photo credit: Paul John Roberts



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