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Cash-strapped school support staff in Wales are paying for pupils’ essentials, says UNISON

School support staff across Wales are using their own money to help pay for pupils’ food and clothing says UNISON today (Friday).

UNISON hosts major cost-of-living crisis rally

Public sector workers facing the full force of the cost-of-living crisis attended a major rally organised by UNISON in the centre of Cardiff.

Hundreds of public sector workers have pawned possessions and gone without meals

UNISON heard first-hand from public sector employees facing the full force of the cost-of-living crisis.

health workers

UNISON calls on health workers to back strike action over pay

Health workers facing the full force of the cost-of-living crisis are being called on to support industrial action over pay, says UNISON.

Cost-of-living crisis: Have your say!

UNISON is launching a cost-of-living crisis survey to show exactly how people are struggling to make ends meet as fuel prices and bills continue to rise.

UNISON health worker forced to re-mortgage home and take on extra shifts as cost-of-living crisis deepens

A health worker in South Wales has been left with no choice other than to re-mortgage her home as the ever-deepening cost-of-living crisis tightens its grip

Cost of Living Crisis protest set for Cardiff city centre

A major protest against the cost-of-living crisis gripping the nation will be held in the centre of Cardiff.