Aberystwyth university seeks redundancies

Responding to the news that Aberystwyth university has written to all members of staff with a request for voluntary redundancies, UNISON’s Jeff Baker said,

“The university has met with the trade unions and accounting for the scale of the savings required, we understand that up to 150 jobs could be at risk. Aberystwyth university is the major employer in west Wales and undoubtedly, this will impact on the local and regional economy.

“We know the university has serious financial problems. This is a result of a series of poor decisions taken by the senior management over a number of years, the drop in student applicants from the UK and abroad and the fact that more potential students are opting to stay at home.

“UNISON will work with Aberystwyth university to identify potential savings. We will defend members’ salaries, terms and conditions. Any redundancies should fall equally on senior managers as other staff and we will be looking for additional protections for the lower paid front line staff.

“Universities are vital assets to be nurtured. We want the Welsh government to consider whether intervention is necessary. The quality of learning and student support must be protected.”

UNISON said that non-teaching lower paid staff have already faced a significant cut to their pension entitlement. The trade union is currently consulting its members.