Cardiff Butetown event remembers the slave trade

UNISON Cymru/Wales black members will commemorate the abolition of the slave trade on Tuesday 23 August at 18.30 at the Butetown Community Centre, Cardiff.

Welsh Government’s anti-human trafficking co-ordinator Stephen Chapman will join members of the community for a ceremony organised by UNISON to mark International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. Local politicians have also been invited. Mr Chapman will tell the meeting that though the horrors of the slave trade no longer exist, modern slavery has taken on new and different forms.

Stephen Chapman said,

“Every person has a role to play in rescuing victims from their misery. I am pleased to be speaking at this important event and organisations like UNISON, with its 100,000 members across Wales, play an important role of influencing employers and the wider public. Whilst Wales is leading the way when it comes to tackling the illegal trade of human trafficking, we must dispel the myth that trafficking is a hidden crime. It is more of a case that people have not been looking for it.”

Kebba Manneh, Chair of UNISON Black Members Group said,

“It is vital we remember the awful scale of human suffering caused by the slave trade and commemorate the achievements of the abolition movement. In 2016, millions of people are trapped in appalling conditions we would term modern slavery. Society must take action to ensure slavery in every form, is eliminated.”



  • The event will be held in Butetown Community Centre, 40 Loudoun Square, Cardiff, CF10 5UZ. Arrive 18.00 for an 18.30 start. A buffet will be provided
  • Speakers include Kebba Manneh, Chair of UNISON Cymru Black Members, Margaret Greer, Chair of UNISON National Black Members, Stephen Chapman, Anti-trafficking co-ordinator for Wales