UNISON protesters warn Wales care home closure could spell the end for English sister site

UNISON Carmarthenshire county branch secretary Mark Evans pictured front

Protesters have warned the closure of a Carmarthenshire care home could see the same happen to a sister home in England, says UNISON.

Corran Vale, which is closing its doors in Carmarthenshire in October, is owned by a parent company which also runs a similar facility in Worcestershire, England known as Corran Dean.

UNISON ‘s Carmarthenshire branch is joining forces with branches in Worcestershire, Worcester Trades Union Council and Swansea Trades Council for a protest outside Corran Dean on Monday October 2 against the actions of the company.

The union is warning the closure in Carmarthenshire could see the same happen in Worcestershire.

UNISON Carmarthenshire County branch secretary Mark Evans (pictured above centre) said: “The fact that the company can shut up shop with little regard for those receiving care and the staff who provide vital services raises concerns about the future of Corran Dean.

“We do not think companies should be able to make profits and then leave when the going apparently gets a little more difficult.

“We stand in solidarity with the staff and vulnerable individuals who have been let down badly by the company.”

UNISON Cymru/Wales regional organiser Simon Dunn said: “People living in care homes are some of the most vulnerable in our community.

“It is completely unacceptable that those residents and staff who provide these key services are now being left in this situation by a company who could potentially repeat these actions again at its sister site in England.

“UNISON Cymru/Wales will be protesting along our comrades in England to shine a light on the actions of Corran Dean.”

UNISON is calling for a nationalised care service in Wales as the best way to lift care workers out of in-work poverty forever, and improve the quality of care, service users receive.

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• UNISON will be protesting at 11.30am on Monday October 2 2023 at Corran Dean, Old Smokey Farm, Smokey Lane, Cropthorne, Pershore WR10 3NF.