Ever thought about becoming a UNISON regional organiser?

UNISON Cymru/Wales Regional Organiser Rosie Lewis

UNISON is now recruiting and looking for a fantastic regional organiser in Wales.

Regional organiser Rosie Lewis (pictured above) says her job is rewarding, challenging and varied and offers the chance to really make a difference in the world of work. 

Rosie joined UNISON in Wales more than a decade ago after working in the voluntary sector. 

After a few years she was successful in gaining a promotion to a regional organiser position which has given her the opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills in negotiating and in driving through change. 

Rosie said: “From my first day in the world of work when I was approached by a colleague and asked to join a union (it was NALGO in those days), I have always been a member of a Trade Union. 

“Having held a variety of different jobs, mainly working in the voluntary sector, I saw an advertisement for an area organiser back in 2009 and felt I had the people skills, planning and organisational skills that would transfer perfectly into the role and having always had a very strong belief and fight for natural justice, I was drawn to the opportunity of working somewhere where I could make a difference to working people’s lives. 

“The training I received when in post to equip me with additional skills and knowledge in employment law for example has enabled me to gain confidence and to be able to support members through internal grievance and disciplinary procedures. 

“One of my proudest moments to date has been the progress UNISON has made in relation to the recognition that school support staff are having at long last and that we are at a key stage in addressing discrepancies in pay, deployment and professional development for teaching assistants. 

“This essential and long overdue piece of work will make a significant difference to these often-undervalued school staff and working in a devolved nation provides the advantage of having direct access and contact with ministers in Welsh government who can help to drive and influence change.” 

Rosie was also fortunate to be selected to train as a mediator with UNISON and is now qualified as one of 12 mediators who can work across regions to help parties explore disputes or breakdowns in relationships and achieve a resolution.  

She added: “The different opportunities we have in UNISON to develop our roles and experience different ways of working has been valuable and has provided me with additional skills and job satisfaction whilst being challenging and varied. 

“If you are looking for a rewarding, challenging and varied role and one where you can really make a difference in the world of work, then consider applying for the Regional Organiser position.” 

UNISON is now recruiting for a regional organiser in Wales.

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