We want to do all we can to support healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Read the NHS trade unions’ blueprint for return

If you are working in the NHS, you may find answers to your questions on the NHS Wales frequently asked questions page: 

If you work in the social care sector, Social Care Wales has resources and information to support you during this time. Public Health Wales have published guidance to prevent COVID-19 among care home residents and manage cases and outbreaks in residential care settings in Wales


There have been ongoing issues across Wales and the rest of the UK around Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to allow you to do your job safely. UNISON has continuously raised these issues with Welsh Government and employers, and we will continue to do so as required.

We have been assured there is a sustainable supply of the adequate PPE coming into Wales and the situation appears to be much improved to a few weeks ago.

If you are experiencing difficulties with access to PPE, please get in touch with us.

Guidance has been issued about what PPE should be used in which setting across health and social care. Your employer must adhere to this guidance and ensure you have access to the right PPE for your environment.


As a critical worker, if you display symptoms of the virus, your employer is able to refer you for testing.

The situation continues to evolve, and the most up to date information about testing, is available on Welsh Government website.


Shielding is an important tool in the management of the crisis. Where individuals working for the NHS are required to shield, the current guidance expects workers to use eight days annual leave at the start of the shielding period. This guidance is contained within the NHS Frequently Asked Questions.

UNISON is challenging this guidance. If you are shielding and have been expected to use annual leave to cover this period, please contact us.

Pregnant Workers

If you are pregnant the government issued “strong advice” on March 16 that you should work from home, if possible.  In addition, the government advised pregnant women to be particularly stringent about ‘social distancing’.

We have guidance on our UK site about pregnancy during the Covid pandemic


Your health and wellbeing is more important than ever. There is general advice and guidance on the Public Health Wales website on supporting your wellbeing

There is also health and wellbeing advice specifically for those working in the health and social care sector available on the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership website.

As your trade union, UNISON is also there for you in relation to both your work and personal wellbeing. Get in touch with your local branch for workplace support. UNISON’s There for You charity can provide support with financial and welfare issues