UNISON Cymru/Wales launches first ever energy seminar

UNISON Cymru Wales Energy

Energy workers from across Wales will be joining industry experts and key politicians for the first ever energy seminar run by UNISON Cymru/Wales.

Welsh Government Climate Change Minister Julie James MS will be among the speakers at the event on Wednesday April 27 at the Radisson Hotel in the centre of Cardiff.

The inaugural event will feature discussions on everything from the cost of fuel poverty and social justice in Wales to de-carbonising the South Wales economy and a potential replacement for nuclear power in North Wales.

UNISON has been at the forefront of debate within trade unions to demand a just transition to wean Wales off energy sources that release climate changing carbon emissions in a way that leaves no community behind.

Tess Morris, chair of the UNISON Cymru/Wales energy service group, will open the seminar and said: “As every family in Wales grapples with how they are going to pay for their energy bills, it is so important to note that it is climate change, geo-politics, de-regulation, international markets and demand that are driving the energy cost of living crisis and there is precious little end in sight.

“Our seminar will delve into the current energy crisis, and we will also hear from outstanding experts on how we can and must move our entire economy to carbon neutral in Wales and why.

“We will also hear how ending fuel poverty can be the great contributor to our climate crisis targets being met.”

Karen Loughlin, UNISON Cymru/Wales regional secretary, will also speak at the event and said: “It is vital UNISON Cymru/Wales is hosting our first ever energy seminar at a time when energy bills and the cost-of-living crisis are having such a devastating impact on all our lives.

“The traditional debate around climate change has been spectacularly opened even further by the astronomical increase in the wholesale cost of gas which has played havoc with our poorly regulated energy markets and left millions of hard-working people in a desperate situation.”

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