Housing association Bron Afon forces ‘miserly’ pay deal on Covid heroes

Bron Afon are happy talk about how hard their staff have worked throughout the pandemic – but won’t reward them, say GMB & UNISON 

GMB and UNISON have hit out at housing giant Bron Afon after the company tried to force a ‘miserly’ 2% pay deal on dedicated staff – who have worked without complaint throughout the pandemic. 

The association has offered little reward to workers who have been staffing the frontline during the coronavirus crisis, with no offer of a bonus or any form or recompense for risking their health. 

Now the social landlord is imposing a 2% pay deal that was rejected by members.  

In recent weeks the organisation has splashed out on a lavish £400k refurbishment of their Llantarnam head office and there are currently discussions underway for money to be paid to board members.

Unions believe that this money should be used to reward staff for risking their health and the health of their families, rather than being used as frivolous rewards for board members or splashing out on a head office refurb in the middle of a national pandemic. 

The unions have urged Bron Afon to return to the negotiating table rather than impose this draconian pay deal. 

GMB organiser Lorraine Gaskell said: 

“Bron Afon are happy to talk about how hard their staff have worked throughout the pandemic, but as yet have done nothing to show their appreciation of those who have kept the organisation running, many of who are front line key workers. 

“It’s a shoddy way to treat staff, a miserly deal and staff are enraged. Bron Afon need to step back and look at the bigger picture here, and I’m confident they’ll do the right thing”.  

 UNISON organiser Ryan Williams said,

“Bron Afon’s behaviour is shocking. They tell trade union representatives they want to work in partnership but then they ignore the workforce’s views when it comes to pay and refuse to negotiate further.

“Considering how staff have given everything through the pandemic, this aggressive management style is offensive. 

“Bron Afon say income has dropped but spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on a building that doesn’t need refurbishing is a clear indication its workers are not a priority.”



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