Senedd regional candidate ballot – labour link endorsements

UNISON Wales Labour Link has offered supporting nominations to a number of potential Senedd candidates for the regional list seats.

UNISON is backing the following candidates and we encourage our members in each constituency to vote for:

South Wales West

  • Mahaboob Basha
  • Neelo Farr
  • Jane Gebbie
  • Kevin Pascoe

South Wales East

  • Peter Jones
  • Anna Williams Price

North Wales

  • Diane Green
  • Ruksana Jannat
  • Ryan O’Gorman
  • Angie Roberts

South Wales Central

  • Dan De’Ath
  • Riyadh Issa
  • Maliika Kaaba
  • Claire O’Shea

Dan Beard, UNISON Wales labour link chair, said:

“We are encouraging UNISON labour link members to vote for these people to go forward as the Welsh Labour candidates for the Senedd elections in 2021.

“We are confident these candidates will best represent the interests of UNISON members if elected to the Senedd.

“Public services have never been more important.

“Our services must not be outsourced and, where possible should be brought back in-house. Social care needs to be prioritised – it must be properly funded, fit-for-purpose, and accountable. We need a responsive affordable housing strategy that caters to need.

“These are just some of UNISON’s priorities and each of the candidates UNISON is supporting has committed to our priorities.

“We have so many challenges ahead of us – the many repercussions of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, Brexit, climate change, to name a few.

“Each of the UNISON endorsed candidates will stand up to these challenges and will put the needs of public services and working people at the heart of their decision making.”