Pay rise for low paid NHS Wales workers

Responding to Welsh Government’s announcement today that it will boost the lowest rates in NHS Wales to £9.30 per hour, the rate of the Foundation Living Wage, Tanya Palmer, UNISON regional secretary said,

“This is good news for NHS workers. It is only right those helping to care for us when we are in poor health are fairly paid.

“Paying the independently-set Foundation Living Wage of £9.30 per hour will give healthcare workers more control over their lives and keep them and their families out of poverty. It also means more money will be spent on Welsh high streets.

“As a key employer in Wales, it is important for the NHS to set an example as a good employer to other businesses and organisations in our community. We thank the Welsh Government for working with the trade unions on this.”

Notes for editors

  • The Minister for Health and Social Services has agreed to provide funding to NHS Wales Organisations to ‘top-up’ the basic pay for directly employed NHS Wales staff on Band 1 and the first 2 spine points of Band 2 of the Amended Agenda for Change (AfC) Framework Agreement (2018) in order to bring their equivalent hourly rate in line with the Living Wage Foundation’s recommended rate of £9.30 per hour.
  • This is in line the commitment made in the pay agreement that Welsh Ministers would ‘consider the Foundation Living Wage recommendations on an annual basis as agreed in 2017 alongside the pay scales set out in this agreement’ (para 3.4), as well as the Welsh Government’s wider commitment to the Tackling Poverty agenda.
  • The national living wage is £8.21 for people aged 25 and over and £7.70 for 21 to 24-year-olds. It is due to rise to £8.72 and £8.20 respectively in April 2020.
  • The Foundation Living Wage is £9.30 per hour. The independently-calculated rate is the minimum income needed to survive, based upon a basket of household goods and services



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