Schools support staff central to safe return to schools

School support staff will be central to the success of the full return to schools in September and Welsh Government’s operation guidance must reflect this, says UNISON.

“Include us in Covid planning”, school support staff urge Kirsty Williams

UNISON Cymru Wales urged the Minister not to overlook the views of the thousands of support staff in planning for schools to re-open to all students

Education minister’s glowing tribute to school support staff

The Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams, has delivered a glowing tribute to school support staff in a specially-recorded film released today

Glaring omissions in education taskforce report

  Responding to Cabinet Secretary Kirsty Williams AM’s statement today on how school supply staff will be managed in future, Jess Turner, UNISON Cymru organiser for schools said, “We believe that support staff make up to half of the supply workforce and they will feel the taskforce has completely ignored them with this announcement. To not […]

UNISON responds to Education Secretary’s announcement

Responding to Cabinet Secretary Kirsty Williams AM’s announcement today of a new fund to cut infant class sizes, Jess Turner, UNISON Cymru organiser for schools said, “Classroom based support staff really welcome this news. Smaller classes reduce workload and give support workers more time with pupils and this more personalised support helps to tackle inequalities. UNISON […]