UNISON Cymru Wales to deliver free online Covid-19 training across Wales

Jenny Griffin

As part of our commitment to supporting vital key workers through this crisis UNISON Cymru Wales is offering a free Covid-19 e-learning course to our social care members and workers in Wales, funded by the Welsh Government’s Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF).

Working in partnership with ‘e-Learning For You’, an established provider of e-learning in the care sector, UNISON is proud to now offer members and workers access to this FREE online COVID19 course.

The course includes information about the virus, signs and symptoms, hand washing technique, principles of infection control and provides guidance for keeping the people supported by social care (and the workers themselves) as safe as possible from Coronavirus.  It takes about twenty minutes to complete and can be easily accessed through any mobile device or computer connected to the internet.

Project Manager, Jenny Griffin, said,

“Staff working across health and social care have always been a priority for us, but now more than ever we must do what we can to support those protecting the most vulnerable in society.  This FREE Covid-19 course will start to equip staff with the knowledge they vitally need at this time.

“We want to work with employers to ensure their staff have the necessary skills and knowledge to face the days ahead – this also means allowing space and time for staff to undertake the training – not increasing pressure on individuals to complete training in their own (precious) time.”

While the NHS is asking ex-staff to volunteer back into the service and many existing workers are being redeployed, social care provision is also under pressure to recruit new staff to safely manage nursing homes, care homes, care at home etc.  It is essential that these staff have the knowledge to undertake their work safely and effectively – for themselves and their service users.

UNISON branches can play a vital role in highlighting this valuable resource to employers, members and workers alike – UNISON representatives have been working hard to support their members in these sectors, listening to employees’ worries and fears – they can now offer a positive action to support their work.

But our UNISON WULF Project isn’t stopping there and is looking to extend online provision over the coming months with a range of partners including working with existing tutors to move face to face delivery to alternative online and digital methods so that staff can still access learning to support them in their work at this difficult time.

Staff can access the FREE Covid-19 training by completing an application form https://tinyurl.com/cv19course (use Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers) or https://forms.gle/vMtTYZS5ccthVheXA (will not work on Microsoft Internet Explorer,) or https://docs.google.com


Alastair Gittins, UNISON Cymru Wales press officer on 07816 53 83 97