What have trade unions done for us?


UNISON Cymru/Wales members will be taking to high streets and workplaces next week to celebrate the historic achievements of trade unions.

UNISON members are participating in the UK-wide ‘I heart unions’ week of action organised by the TUC to show unions are responsible for winning landmark social change which has benefitted the whole nation. They will be giving out cakes and leaflets to members of the public and also highlighting the unheralded work union reps do every day, fighting discrimination, making our workplaces safe and standing up for the vulnerable.

Margaret Thomas, UNISON Cymru/Wales Regional Secretary, said,

“This is a great opportunity to remind people that trades union campaigning has helped shaped this country for the good. It was unions which fought for and won a minimum wage, maternity and paternity rights, pension provision, holiday and sickness entitlements. These union victories have benefited every single British person.

“Trade unions are as relevant today as they have ever been. They are there to help you improve your wages and employment conditions; to challenge discrimination; to stand up to exploitative employers and to campaign for positive change for the whole of society.”