UNISON urges Swansea to celebrate multicultural community

Festival and concert can help to combat efforts of National Front to organise intimidating rally

UNISON Cymru/Wales is encouraging people in Swansea to celebrate our multicultural community and to stand up to racism and intolerance ahead of the visit of the extremist National Front this weekend.

Local residents have been working hard over the last few months organising this fortnight’s successful and vibrant Swansea Unites festival to show that the far-right is not welcome in south Wales. Events have included a benefit gig, special film screening and a rally.

UNISON is encouraging members of the public to attend a Love Music Hate Racism acoustic music night at Gravity Station this evening (Thursday) and Saturday’s midday Swansea Unites colourful family music festival and protest in Castle Square to stop the National Front.

Swansea East assembly member and UNISON assembly member group convenor Mike Hedges said: “There is no place for racism in Welsh society.

“There is a duty on all of us, when we hear a racist comment, to challenge the person making it. That is how you stand up to racism – not by ignoring it, pretending you didn’t hear it or talking about something else.

“Every one of us should challenge any racist comment, whoever it is and wherever it is.”

UNISON Cymru/Wales organiser Andrew Woodman said: “The National Front (NF) says it wants a ‘white pride’ march in Swansea. Their event is not about ‘pride’ or free-speech – it is about intimidation, inciting hatred and organising for racist violence.

“Swansea is a multicultural city where people are welcomed and people from different backgrounds work, play and live together. Keep our community safe and keep out these violent thugs.

“We want people to bring their families and friends on Saturday to show Swansea is one united community.”