Proposed removal of profit from children’s services is welcome

UNISON Cymru/Wales care lead Mark Turner

Commenting on the publication of the Health and Social Care (Wales) Bill and its proposals to remove profit from services for looked-after children, UNISON Cymru Wales social care lead Mark Turner (pictured above) said: “The Welsh government must be congratulated for taking the initiative and tackling head-on the outrageous profit levels being made by private sector care providers.

“The plight of care workers in adult services has rightly been highlighted in recent years, but care staff in children’s services are similarly exploited all too often.

“One of the largest providers of looked-after children’s services is raking it in, but paying staff less in real terms than in 2019. That cannot be right.

“Profit-making is wrong in any social care provision and the Welsh government should be encouraged to apply the same principles to the rest of the sector, not just children’s services.

“Every pound spent on social care should go towards those receiving help and the workforce providing it.

“UNISON supports the proposed National Care Service for Wales, but without profit at its core.”