Swansea council’s support for Black Lives Matter wins union praise

The City and County of Swansea branch of public service workers union, UNISON, has congratulated Swansea councillors for passing a Black Lives Matter motion last week.

The motion was passed last Thursday with 63 votes to none and councillors made moving contributions against racism. The motion commits the council to immediate action, working with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic organisations and communities to ensure a full review and removal of statues, tributes and monuments of slave traders and slave owners.

UNISON campaigns against racism and its public service worker members have actively supported the Swansea Black Lives Matter movement.

Kemba Hadaway-Morgan, UNISON City and County of Swansea branch said,

“I think it’s an important statement of intent from my home town council to align itself with the Black Lives Matter movement in the fight for equality and an end to discrimination.

“Revulsion at the horrific murder of George Floyd in America has galvanised people into taking a stand. All people are not equal and the Black Lives Matter movement has shown systemic racism in the UK means if you are Black you are more likely to be subjected to police brutality and more likely to live in poverty.

“The Covid virus has disproportionately affected the Black community and highlighted the devastating impact of unchecked institutional and structural racism and inequality.

“There is a duty on us all to confront racism and build a more tolerant and equal future. Every organisation and business in Wales has to review whether it is doing enough to support a fair society and combat racism in its many forms. One immediate check-point should be to examine their polices around Black workers, Black customers and Black communities.

“In UNISON, we want to empower Black workers so they can become trade union leaders, because together we are stronger. We take inspiration from the young anti-racist campaigners demanding action. The example set by Swansea council should be emulated across the country.”


Notes to editors

  • The Swansea council motion was passed on Thursday 2 July 2020. This motion was passed slightly amended (accepted by the mover and seconder) about the immediate removal of monuments etc to slavery taking place after a review. A recording of the 2 July meeting is here  (near the end of the meeting as it is at the end of the agenda.
For more info on local campaigns:
  • UNISON City and County of Swansea website
  • Stand up to Racism Swansea Facebook; Instagram is @sutr_swansea


Matthew Shephard, UNISON City and County of Swansea branch comms officer on 07584198885
Alastair Gittins, UNISON Cymru Wales press officer on 07816 53 83 97