UNISON welcomes £500 bonus for all care workers

UNISON Cymru Wales head of local government Dominic MacAskill. Photo credit: Tracey Paddison


Wales’ biggest public services trade union has warmly welcomed Welsh Government’s announcement today (Friday) that all social care workers will be paid a £500 bonus in recognition of their work during the coronavirus pandemic.

An estimated 65,000 care workers employed by councils, private care providers and the non-profit care providers stand to benefit across Wales.

UNISON says it is important the contribution of care workers, during the coronavirus pandemic, is recognised but it has said the one-off bonus does not deal with the systemic low pay in the care sector. The trade union campaigns for all care workers to be paid a minimum of £10 per hour.

Last year UNISON, along with the other local government trades unions, submitted its 2020/21 pay claim for all council workers in Wales, England and Northern Ireland. It called for a minimum salary of £10 per hour and an increase in pay of 10 per cent for other grades.

Dominic MacAskill, UNISON Cymru Wales head of local government said,

“The Covid-19 lockdown has highlighted the vital contribution of so many key workers who keep our communities running, the fairest way to reward them all would be to agree to their pay claim and begin to address systemic low pay in local government.

“In particular, care workers have looked after our loved ones during the lockdown and the work they do should be valued much more highly by society.

“It can’t be right that many care workers, particularly in the private or non-profit sector, suffer in-work poverty because of very low wages and precarious contracts.

“That’s why UNISON believes all care workers should earn at least £10 per hour to lift them and their families out of poverty.”


Alastair Gittins, UNISON Cymru Wales press officer on 07816 53 83 97