Solidarity message to striking OCU members, Liverpool Women’s Hospital

UNISON healthcare members working for OCS at Liverpool Women’s Hospital are on strike again today (second stoppage) over not being paid NHS rates for the job. Head of health Paul Summers has sent the solidarity message below to our comrades. Find out more about the dispute.


Paul Summers, head of health, UNISON Cymru Wales

“On behalf of UNISON Cymru Wales healthcare members, I send a warm message of solidarity to OCS workers at Liverpool Women’s hospital striking for a fair wage.

“Cleaners, catering staff, porters and security officers working for OCS are part of one NHS team, dedicating to helping patients and their families and you should be paid the NHS rate for the job.

“You’re often working alongside people performing the same role but earning much more money. Private companies like OCS, working for the health service, must apply NHS rates of play.

“Good luck in your fight for pay justice.”