Special message from Donna Hutton on NHS Wales pay situation

UNISON Cymru Wales head of health Donna Hutton said,

“NHS Wales workers are keen to know how the headline-grabbing NHS England deal will affect the Welsh workforce. The money available to fund a pay deal in Wales is a percentage of the total amount spent on the England deal – which has not yet been fully costed. We are very much still in negotiations with the Welsh government and Wales NHS employers over the reinstatement of the terms and conditions around Unsocial Hours; Mileage and Preceptorship.

“Talks around the England Pay deal and what it means for Wales will take place shortly and updates will be provided to UNISON members. To be clear, we will not enter into pay talks without an agreement over the reinstatement of your terms and conditions.

“You will have a final say on your pay deal. Rest assured UNISON Cymru Wales will continue to fight for the best possible pay increase we can.”

Photo: Natasha Hirst