UNISON open letter to Bron Afon board members

As UNISON members in the Supported Living Team begin their seventh day of strike action, the trade union has issued an open letter to all Bron Afon board members.

Dear Bron Afon board member,

Support Living Staff employed by Bron Afon have so far taken six days’ of strike action owing to salary cuts of over £3,000.

There is an assumption that the Bron Afon board cannot possibly be aware of the full facts of the dispute, otherwise managers would have been directed to resolve the very real grievance of employees. During the ACAS conciliation talks last week, your executives displayed no awareness of the hurt they have caused staff. Neither was there any evidence that they wished to secure a swift agreement. Strike action is always a last resort and this prolonged dispute is damaging to everyone and the reputation of the Association.

The vital interventions of support workers allow service users to sustain their tenancies and keep their homes. Now, because of the slashing of salaries, some employees are themselves at risk of having to leave their homes because they can’t pay their bills. The benefits some service users receive amount to more than the salary of the people supporting them.

Employees used to feel proud to work for Bron Afon and now they feel insignificant and worthless.

Please instruct your managers to immediately resolve this dispute.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Short


Regional Organiser