Digital Champions

Here in UNISON we believe that digital skills are essential skills and that digital inclusion is social inclusion.

We’re passionate about helping our members to gain and develop their confidence using digital technology safely and effectively at work and at home.

That’s why we’re recruiting and training a team of dedicated Digital Champions – those wonderful people who can help those around them to use technology.

Two thirds of respondents in our Skills for the Future survey thought that their computer and digital skills needed improving, and we’re looking for volunteers to help meet this need.

UNISON Cymru Wales has partnered with the national digital inclusion programme, Digital Communities Wales, to offer training and support to our volunteers through Digital Unite’s Digital Champions Network.

We welcome volunteers from across the public services in Wales, particular those colleagues working in schools, the NHS and social care.

And, if your a UNISON member, you can combine the role of Digital Champion with being a Union Learning Rep and get a statutory right to reasonable time off to undertake the ULR role – which also covers your own time to train.

Interested in becoming a UNISON Cymru Wales Digital Champion?

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